Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens

Christine Hanlon
Product Available Date: 2017-06-30

Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens is the story of the people and the food they prepared. From wild rice to perogies, smoked goldeye to tourtière, Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens is a tantalizing blend of pioneer cuisine dating back to the fur trade and beyond. See how wave after wave of immigration brought with them their own recipes. Feast on memories of food prepared on the campfire, the hearth and the cast iron stove, from the trails of the buffalo hunt to the outdoor kitchens of the early settlers.

Christine Hanlon has a passion for food, people, and their stories. Her newest book Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens captures the essence of the province's rich culinary traditions, melding recipes, photographs and narratives of its earliest cooks, including the Indigenous people, Selkirk Settlers and first homesteaders. The co-author of The Manitoba Book of Everything spent many years penning articles for local and national magazines, on anything from homebuilding to restaurants. A regular judge at the Gold Medal Plates Canadian Culinary Competition, she lives in Winnipeg where she enjoys writing, entertaining, and, of course, cooking for family and friends.

Release Date: July 2017