We Love Nova Scotia: A People's Portrait on CTV News Atlantic

Vernon Oickle CTV interviewWeLove NS

Vernon Oickle, who curated a beautiful new compilation of Nova Scotia photography, brings We Love Nova Scotia: A People's Portrait to CTV News Atlantic. 

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Five Questions for Paul W. Bennett, author of Turning Points

Five Questions for Paul W. Bennett, author of Turning Points

Author photo Paul W Bennett  

What inspired you to write the book?

Seeking to know everything about where I live comes instinctively, as does a marked tendency to absorb its local history, politics, and culture. Writing Canadian history textbooks in the mid-1980s and teaching high school history for four decades deepened my understanding of Nova Scotia's shifting status in the emerging Canadian state. Wherever I've lived in Canada, it's been like an immersion course for me. History and historical consciousness inform my thinking on so many issues and that's why I find poking around in Nova Scotia's past so fascinating.


Dig into archival Manitoba recipes with Out of Old Manitoba Kitchen's

Stay warm with warming recipes from Manitoba archives 

CBC News · Posted: Feb 03, 2019


Above: An archival image of a New Year's feast at the home of John Monias from Christine Hanlon's book, Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens. (Out of Old Manitoba Kitchens)

Cold weather is a constant feature of Manitoba living. Fortunately, so is tasty, warming food to cheer yourself up as you soldier through it.

To honour that past and keep yourself busy, a dig through the archives yields a handful of recipes from yesteryear that will let you take a tour of the past without leaving the house to get to a museum.

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