Saskatchewan Hockey the Game of our Lives

Allan Safarik

A fond look at Saskatchewan hockey and the lives it inspires | battlefordsNOW

Edited by Allan Safarik, Saskatchewan Hockey the Game of Our Lives is a collection of stories detailing the great impact the sport has had in the lives of people throughout the province. 

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Out of Old Ontario Kitchens

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Lindy Mechefske at the Kingston WritersFest podium and with author patrons Judith Irwin and Richard Henriksen

Lindy Mechefske, the author of Out of Old Ontario Kitchens, was honoured to be part of the line-up at the recent Kingston WritersFest 2018 – widely regarded as one of the biggest and best literary festivals in Canada.

"It's fabulous to see food writing finally being taken seriously," says Lindy. "We've long paid homage to other literary genres while regarding food writing, like food preparation, as primarily 'women's work.' The truth is, food stories are the real stories of our lives and there is little more fundamental or important to the human race or the future of the planet than food." 

I Met An Elk in Edson Once

Dave Kelly, the award-winning author of the best-selling children's book I Met An Elk In Edson Once, was in Edson, Alberta for a book signing on August 12. Dave's appearance at the Galloway Station Museum & Travel Centre was organized in conjunction with Edson Rotary Art in the Park Community Pig Roast. Some 250 showed up for the event. Congratulations Dave!



Five Questions for Lindy Mechefske, author of Out of Old Ontario Kitchens

Five Questions for Lindy Mechefske, author of Out of Old Ontario Kitchens

 Lindy Mechefske

What inspires you to write about food?

My love affair with food, and even more specifically, with the combination of food and history, began when I was three years old, rolling out the pastry for jam tarts in my grandfather's ancient Yorkshire kitchen. What I remember is this: food, love, joy.

Food is so often our first (and our last) memory of life. Food is community, culture, love. Food is our most fundamental necessity.

We are part of a global food community and food connects us — all of us — the whole immense global population. And the thing is, food is not just the world's largest industry, but it is also one of the ways in which we make the biggest impact on the planet. The way we eat and the food we choose to buy, grow, and cook, has staggering implications for the future of the world.

It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of food.


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